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Guatemala: Art, Culture & Creativity

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Guatemala: A Land of Inspiration! 

Natural dyes. Horse-drawn carriages. Organic coffee. Smooth jade. Women’s cooperatives. Backstrap weavings. Colorful textiles. Local wine and cheese.

Without a moment’s hesitation, we say that Guatemala is a natural, cultural and artistic wonderland. And we love to explore it.

We’ve created a  journey  that takes a meandering tour through Colonial Antigua, rural Guatemala and Mayan culture. There are many special moments and cultural riches in store, but here are a few of our favorite highlights, guaranteed to engage your senses:

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Savor The Last Days Of Summer: Refreshing Drinks From Around The World

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With just a few weeks of summer left here in the Northeast, the summer heat may still have you craving cool, icy refreshment.

And while we can’t bring back the summer, we can sure celebrate to keep the memories alive. That’s right, it’s time to go international – with some of the world’s best warm-weather drinks (both non-alcoholic and with a bit of a twist!).

Here at Arts & Cultural Travel, we’re happy to take to our kitchens to whip up some of our remembered favorites from far-flung destinations. We’re happy to take one for the team, sampling, sipping (and sometimes chugging) our way to celebrate the end-of-summer.

And to make it simple, we’ve chosen beverages with easy-to-find ingredients. So stay cool and savor those memories!

Let’s start with non-alcoholic:

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Creative Spirit Journey: An Interview with Brecia Kralovic-Logan

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Artist… Author… Coach… Muse… Teacher… Explorer…. Meet Brecia Kralovic-Logan, part of our community of artists. 

At Arts and Cultural Travel we seek out the most innovative and passionate leaders in the art world to lead our retreats. We fell in love not only with Brecia’s breathtaking and intricate art, but also with her ideals and dedication to sharing her craft with others. Her multi-sensory art begs for discovery across the elements and the senses. It seems fitting that her upcoming Guatemala retreat is named “Creative Spirit Journey.” 

We were lucky enough to get Brecia to answer some questions for us about our favorite things… Art, culture, and travel! Enjoy and be inspired… 

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