Arts & Cultural Travel is about the state of mind known as flow – the creative place where time stands still. We are a travel company created just for you. At Arts & Cultural Travel, the focus is on experiential travel through cultural explorations, the arts, culinary samplings, and wellness workshops, with generous time thrown in for personal growth and creative pursuits.

“There is joy in creation. There is wonder in stepping outside your comfort zone. There is freedom in artistic expression.” -Arts & Cultural Travel 

The Arts & Cultural Difference:

At Arts & Cultural Travel, we do travel a little different. A lot different, actually. We focus on getting to know a place, its people and its culture – and challenge you to stretch your creativity throughout the experience of these.

Our trips might be right for you if:

You’re exacting: If you’re detail-oriented and have high expectations for cultural travel, you can breathe easier – we’re like that, too. And we’d never send you on a trip we didn’t love ourselves.

You have a social conscience: Since we travel in small groups, we’re able to frequent independently owned businesses to support the local economy. We also give back to the community by donating art supplies to schools and children’s organizations around the globe.

You treasure your travel memories: At the beginning of every trip, we gift our travelers with beautiful travel journals to preserve moments, record memories, and save memorabilia.

You prefer to travel with a few good friends: Our group size is always limited to 12, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of traveling with a small group of like-minded, creative personalities, without having to navigate the challenges of large, commercial tourist groups.

You’re not satisfied with the resort experience: You don’t have have the dozens of free hours required to plan your own behind-the-scenes local experience, but you also know you’d never be happy vacationing behind the four restrictive walls of an all-inclusive resort. That’s where we come in. We’ve already put in the hours, so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

You’re creative: Blend your love of travel with your love of arts & culture, wine & cuisine, or yoga & wellness. After 45 years in the industry, we’ve struck upon the perfect blend of pampering, creative expression, and travel that diverges from the beaten path.

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wan·der·lust (noun)

  1. a strong desire or irresistible impulse to travel.

Upcoming adventures, retreats & workshops:

cuba_art retreat_art workshop_photography

Cuba: Bienal de la Habana 2019!

art workshop

Watercolor Sketching On Location: Italy with Anne Kullaf 2019!

Santorini: Dreaming in Blue

italy tours_art retreats_wellness travel_culinary tours

Enchanting Chianti: Vineyards, Small Villages and Fine Wine

foodie tour, art , cooking holiday, mexico

San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Cultural + Culinary Tour: Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico: Food, Wine + Tequila!

Cuba: Art + Cultural Tour


Guatemala: Arts + Cultural Tour

Belize: Yoga Adventure

“Not all who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Inspiration from our travel blog:

art workshop_art retreat_learning vacation_creativity_watercolorsketching

Interview: Candace Rose Rardon

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Candace Rose Rardon, a professional sketch artist and storyteller with a passion for connecting with the world through art. Candace’s journey as an artist began on a weekend trip to Porto, Portugal. We’re thrilled with the opportunity of hosting a workshop with Candace in the very city that inspired her journey!  Sit back and enjoy a behind the scenes look into a day in a life of a working artist.

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art holiday_art retreat_mixed media_girlfriend getaway

Interview: Mixed Media Artist Shelley Rhodes

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What a great opportunity to be wandering and creating with Mixed Media Artist Shelley Rhodes.  Shelley speaks our language! I’m sure it’s going to be difficult to choose between these two workshop destinations with Shelley….  the wild, rugged coastline of Ireland or the magical island of Sardinia in Italy.  Here’s a little inspiration from Shelley to help you decide.

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