Let me ask you a question: Have you ever returned home from a trip, feeling like you had barely skimmed the surface? Like you had failed to experience the people, the tastes, the sounds, the culture – had failed to dial in on the heartbeat of the place you had been so excited to visit?


You’re not alone. The unfortunate truth is that today, in the age of cookie-cutter, commercial vacation packages, travel is too often treated like a checklist of tourist “experiences” to complete. Cultural travelers like you are robbed of what they truly seek – authentic experiences. For these vacationers, for you, a destination is about more than a prefabricated bucket list; it’s about the soul of a place. Arts + Cultural Travel is all about the exploration of that soul. 


Every trip is about excavating beneath the glossy surface, and truly exploring a destination. About the vibrant, ebullient personalities of the people who live there. About experiencing and understanding a culture. About seeing the world that locals love but that few travelers ever experience. 


Our trips are tailor-built for you – for authentic travelers who enjoy traipsing off the beaten path to explore new cultures, challenge their worldview, and spark creativity through diverse experience. The goal of every trip is self-discovery, exploration and interaction – cultural and learning experiences that reflect their destinations and create opportunities for growth and transformation. 



The pursuit of pleasure must be the goal of every rational person ~ Voltaire 

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