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Arts & Cultural Travel is about more than seeing paintings in a museum: It’s about private studio visits and impromptu lessons from skilled artisans.  It’s about behind-the-scenes invitations to absorb knowledge passed down through generations, like how the vibrant colors swirling around in giant metal pots came from natural dyes, or where to find the purest, most malleable clay for pottery, or the trick to weaving vibrantly colored cotton into kaleidoscopic tapestries.  It’s about human connection through art.


Come visit the world’s most colorful, most spiritual, most incredible playgrounds with us.  Our team has traveled the world in search of exchanges and experiences to engage and share with you.  Each destination is carefully researched, always with an eye for the most authentic cultural experiences, most intimate accommodations, closet connections with local artists, most authentic regional cuisines, and most exciting musical venues.


Our workshops are led by some of the most amazing artists who are passionate to share their skills, insights and spirit.  Each workshop experience is crafted to help you tap into your creative place while rediscovering the fine art of play.  Join us on one of our journeys to find out first-hand the transformative power that art and travel hold. 


Encourage creative expression at every turn. Explore the world with Arts + Cultural Travel.


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