Play, Play, Play

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Everyone is born creative. However, for many of us – whether it is from a fear of failure or from past criticisms – our innate creativity goes dormant.

The good news? It’s easy to wake up and get it going again! Learning some practical techniques to stimulate your creativity and imagination is the perfect jumpstart.

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Interview with Artist Mae Chevrette

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Mae Chevrette, a self proclaimed painter, photographer, wandering road-tripper and all around lover of life, is our newest inspiration. Without any traditional art training, she has created quite a name for herself in the art world, and was also interviewed for Oprah’s “Women Who Make Beautiful Things” article  Oprah’s O Magazine. Her work features beautiful multimedia collages that are inspired by her travels. Mae will be leading the art portion of our upcoming Art Workshop in Belize  in February 2016!

We are so proud to be working with Mae that we wanted to learn more about her art and travel adventures and share them with you. Enjoy this talented woman’s words and consider spending eight days adventuring with her in Belize! 


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“It’s the Whole World”

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It's the Whole World 2

This is what makes travel so magical. Meet Eduardo, we met while I was wandering the streets of San Juan la Laguna, a lovely village on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala.  San Juan is home to natural dye weavers, painters, organic coffee cooperatives and a host of warm and friendly people. Always curious, I introduced myself to this young man to find out more about what he had .. I can still see his big, proud smile as he told me “it’s the world.. it’s the whole world” as he starts turing his painting around in a circle so that I could see that it really was the whole world! What do you think.. a budding Picasso in the works?

Arts and Cultural Travel has been doing a bit of wandering around our beautiful little planet for you. We are putting together a number of  finely crafted “escapes” so that you too can capture “your” magical moments.

Slow down, unplug, stay curious and wander! ​

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