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Interview: Artist Suzanne Siegel

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There is joy in creating, there is joy in travel, there is Joy in Collage!   
Where o where do we find us experiencing all of this joy?  Lecce, Italy.. a small gem in the south, part of the Salento peninsula in the heel of Italy’s boot.  Known as the “Florence of the South” with its astonishing archaeological ruins, rustic restaurants, and robust wines, a region fused with richness and exuberance.  This is where Suzanne Siegel will be sharing her joy of collage with us!
“Collage is all about the joyful, experimental, and freeing process of cutting, arranging, and pasting painted papers, yet it’s a meaningful enough process to have satisfied Picasso, Braque, Matisse, and many other well-known artists”.-Suzzanne Siegel

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Interview: Abstract Artist Susan Nethercote

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“When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.” –Henry Miller   
And what’s all the fuss about Paris in the Spring? We’re excited to bring you a peak inside the world of abstract floral and botanical artist Susan Nethercote and yes… you guessed it we are traveling to Paris in the Spring 2020 with Susan!
Curl up in your favorite chair with a cafe au lait and enjoy our visit with Susan.

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Interview: Candace Rose Rardon

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Candace Rose Rardon, a professional sketch artist and storyteller with a passion for connecting with the world through art. Candace’s journey as an artist began on a weekend trip to Porto, Portugal. We’re thrilled with the opportunity of hosting a workshop with Candace in the very city that inspired her journey!  Sit back and enjoy a behind the scenes look into a day in a life of a working artist.

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