Charleston, SC: Explore Your Creative Side in the Cradle of Southern Hospitality

It’s the sound of a horse-drawn carriage – clip-clop clip-clop – trotting down a timeworn, cobblestone street. It’s the breeze that whispers past, bringing with it the scent of honeysuckle, accidentally snagged in the horse’s bridle. It’s the sun that streams through puffy clouds, drenching the scene before you in a bath of golden light.

It’s the she-crab soup, or the country-cured hams, or the flaky cornbread sitting before you, gracing a table silhouetted against antebellum views – of wrought-iron Juliette balconies and historic harbors, breezy palmetto palms and sidewalk cafés. Cafés just like the one at which you’re seated.

Tell me how this could be anything but inspirational. How this view, this town, this parade of sensory delights could do anything but reach deep into your passion, whatever it may be, to stimulate your dormant genius and tweak your ingenuity.

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Indeed, there’s something very special about southern grace – about a hospitality that runs deeper than historic romanticism and antebellum architecture. There’s something inherently inspiring about historic Charleston, with its hidden gardens and Colonial façades, photogenic steeples and blooming jasmine. Not to mention the city’s fabled (and mouthwatering) cuisine (we’re still salivating), which tickles your soul as much as it does your palate.

Yes, this is a town that tugs at your artistic spirit, reverberating off your creativity and pinging your imagination.

Artistic Inspiration: Charleston’s Urban Art

At Arts & Cultural Travel, we’re firm believers in drawing inspiration from our surroundings. That’s why we host our workshops in some of the world’s most scenic, most unique, most stimulating places. For the art. Well, for the art and the travel. Because oh, the travel! But I’m getting off topic.

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The visual arts scene in Charleston is ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-improving. In historic downtown Charleston, a splash of color paints the city walls in vibrant murals – the brainchildren and heart’s blood of local art projects. This urban art offers everything from colorful impressionism to realistic pieces designed to make you contemplate.

Then, there’s the subsidized artist spaces that offer darkroom facilities and printmaking, studio space and collective inspiration. This hive of activity fuels Charleston’s art, which is evident at every turn and around every corner – in the hand-lettered signage and florid detailing, centuries-old architecture and imaginative murals that paint the town.

Painting the Town: Sketch Art & Watercolors in Charleston

With all this beauty, all this inspiration, you might think it’d be hard to pin down just what kind of workshop we wanted to run in Charleston.

But you’d only be kind of right.

Because, while this southern city is one of the most vivacious and most exciting in the U.S., it’s also one of the most beautiful. Yes, if you’ll pardon such a common description, Charleston is beautiful. Spectacularly, heart-stoppingly beautiful.

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And you know what that means. It means scenic, a visual delight – the most romantic, most picture-perfect scenes we’ve ever seen. And for us, that boils down to one pressing, we-just-have-to-do-it, wouldn’t-this-be-the-absolute-perfect workshop: sketch and watercolors .

Y’all – and at this point, we’ve fallen so hard for Charleston that we feel locationally obligated to say y’all – this place is magic. Antebellum mansions and Colonial townhomes line the streets, their front gardens manicured and front windows laden with blooming bouquets. Dainty pineapples decorate every unexpected surface, the ubiquitous symbol of southern charm. It’s everything expected and plenty of the unexpected – the perfect stage for improving your watercolor art and sketches.

So come, join us in this southern city of infinite charms. (We leave April 3, 2017!) Let Charleston’s inspirational experiences reverberate through you, sparking your creativity.

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Charleston: Historic Architecture

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  • doni jordan says:

    Are you teaching a class in Charleston, SC in 2017? If so, when? And what will the cost in US dollars be? I live in Columbia, SC, the capital city, and would love to join a class along with my friend Susan Livington from Orangeburg, SC.

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