Cultural Travel Tips


You can find travel tips all over the web – packing lists, safety tips, advisories and advice abound. We won’t rehash that kind of tip.

Like Arts & Cultural Travel itself, our travel tips are a little different. Since we are artists and yogis and foodies, we choose to focus on the advice that will make your creative, wellness or culinary adventure a little richer, a little more holistic, a little more savory. Here’s what we’ve learned from more than four decades of cultural travel:

1. Step out of your comfort zone.  So often in travel we stick with what we know and love. Dig a little deeper – do something you’ve never done, in a place you’ve never been, with a friend you’ve only just met, and you may be surprised at what happens.

2. Look with more than your eyes. Your eyes alone cannot see the stories behind an artisan’s smile, or the reason for a calloused hand. They cannot discern the sounds of approaching howler moneys, or understand the overwhelming peace of secluded mediation. Experience the world not just through sight, but also through the holistic experiences of taste, touch, scent and sound. 

3. Slow down. Like the slow food movement, we believe in slow travel – trips with downtime built right in.  Because some of the most memorable moments happen when you’re snacking at a roadside tamales stand or doing solo sun salutations in the middle of the rainforest. 

4. Open your mind (and heart). Sometimes, it’s the people we meet while traveling – our travel companions, favorite artisans, master chefs, and passerby – that impact us the most.  Start a conversation. Be friendly. Listen. Make memories.