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We are really fortunate to have such a great mix of talent working with us! Roxanne Evans Stout, mixed media artist, adjunct professor, author of Storytelling with Collage, and a feature artist in various publications including Seth Seth Apter’s The Pulse of Mixed Media, Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo, and Create Mixed Media’s Incite 2 & 3. Most recently Roxanne was contracted to work with one of our favorite magazines, Cloth Paper Scissors as an one of their “Art Lesson” instructors. Kudoos and… she even found the time to share with us a peak inside her world as an artist.  Thank you Roxanne!

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself.

mixed media_art retreat_storytelling with collageI am a mixed media artist who lives and creates in the Pacific Northwest. I live with my husband and two dogs in a house and gardens that overlook the Klamath River. I’m an Adjunct Professor at Oregon Tech where I teach Mixed Media Art, and I teach workshops throughout the United States and Canada. My book, Storytelling with Collage, was just published in March 2016 by North Light books and I am thrilled with the way it turned out.

I love collaging and working with many different mediums. It is very interesting to me that no matter what form of art I work on, my project always seem to be recognizable as mine and tell my story. My work always has nature as a common thread.

I love the book arts, working in art journals and altered books, especially making my own books. Artist Books have such magic! Often without words, each page tells it’s own story, but all together the pages tell a bigger story which evolves through time.

If you take this workshop with me you will go home with a book that is your story… filled with images, textures, color, words and found objects all collaged together to represent our time in enchanting Quebec, Canada… seen through your eyes and from your own view of the world.

Q: What are some of your earliest creative memories? What first ignited your passion for art?

As a little girl I was always drawing, painting and writing… on any day you could find me sitting cross legged on the floor drawing at our coffee table, or lying on the grass under the giant Eucalyptus tree outside painting or writing. My mother was an artist and also loved experimenting with many different art tools. She included me in all her projects and shared with me that feeling of creating magic in the studio… or in our case at the dining room in our apartment in Santa Monica, California.

Q: Tell us about a day in the life – or a day in the studio, to be precise!

In the morning, when I first walk into my studio I turn on the party lights that drape around the large window facing out to my gardens.

I begin by organizing my worktable in my studio, re-arranging my “mess” from the day before, examining projects that I have been working on and making small piles of colored or textured papers to use in my collages. I keep my papers in baskets that I have collected over the years and like to organize my scraps by size and also by if they are light, dark or colored.

I love to drink a warm cup of tea or coffee and open the window so that I can hear the wind blow through the Pines and the Maples. As I write this the world is outside is yellow and gold, lit up by the Autumn and inspires me to get to work.

What does it look like (and feel like) to be creative every day?

Being creative every day is very important to me. Making art feeds my soul. When I create I feel as if I am true to myself and true to my calling.

Even when I worked full time away from home, I always collaged and “played” in my studio for at least a half hour after work.

But there are so many other ways to be creative, working outside in the garden, photographing a flower or leaf, re-arranging paintings on a wall, sewing, making a salad, writing a poem, building a table. I love it all!

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Q:What does your creative space look like?

My studio is an extra room across the hall from our master bedroom. I have only been using this studio space for a few months now and am now starting to feel at home there. Before it could be my new studio, my husband and I had to clean out all of my sons things and everything else that was being stored in there. Then he ripped out the carpet and put down wooden flooring, we painted the walls and ceiling and got a new much larger window installed. Finally smaller details were also completed, window molding, new lights and cupboard doors and most specially a new antique shaker style cabinet. The best thing about my studio is it has a huge table in the middle of the room that is my worktable!

Q: Where do you derive inspiration?

There is so much that inspires me, the way the light filters through the windows in the morning and the colors of the fields across the river in the evening. Thinking about the natural history of the land around me and who lived here before me…

And watching other people create inspires me too. I love the playful moments when my students intuitively begin their projects, and then seeing their joy as everything comes together!

Q: How does travel inspire your work?

Traveling inspires me because I’m able to see a whole new world with fresh eyes… and often a different culture with a different history and different scenery.

A wonderful part of traveling is the people I get to meet and work with. I would never get this chance to meet them in person if not for my workshops.

When I travel I love to collect and gather small bits and pieces from antique stores, discarded bits of rusty metal or wire and small natural treasures. I encourage my students do this as well, and love to see how they use their treasures in their own Artist Books.

Q: At Arts + Cultural Travel, we believe in the creative power of sketchbooks and journaling. Do you journal or sketch? Would you be willing to share a few of your favorite journal pages/creations?

I love to journal and sketch and would love to make time for this during our workshop together, especially when we are on our wanderings! For me, writing down my thoughts or observations is a big part of my creative process. And sketching is a wonderful tool for capturing a memory. I also love to take photographs. A colorful window, the corner of a brick building, a street sign… whether a photograph or drawing can be a wonderful part of your creations!

“I would love to have you join me for this amazing retreat in beautiful Vieux Quebec City June 11-16, 2017  Information Here

Let’s make magic together!”

– Roxanne  

See more of Roxanne’s work at Roxanne Evans Stout

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  • Laura says:

    I Highly recommend attending Roxanne’s workshops. She inspires each student to tell their own stories through art. She finds beauty in the smallest things. She’s full of ideas and is a generous teacher. 🙂 Laura

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