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A Master Herbalist in private practice since 1996, Susan has been guiding and supporting clients through their journey to take back their bodies and health care decisions. Susan continues to inspire those seeking solutions to embracing a healthy lifestyle blending her skills and experiences as a Yoga and Essentrics Instructor.  Her book, Take Back Your Body, was release with a glowing endorsement by Christine Northrup, M.D.

Our 5 day “Essentrics in Santa Fe” with Susan offers a unique take on experiencing the flavors and cultures of the Southwest. We are delighted to chat with her about this upcoming event that runs October 13-17, 2016.

With so many exercise options out there and being a 20-year yoga practitioner, can you share with us what got you interested in Essentrics? 

A: Results! After spending over 30 years working out in a variety of ways, and after teaching yoga for 17 years—it was Essentrics that helped me heal from bilateral adhesive encapsulitis (double frozen shoulders) as well as a torn meniscous in my knee, all without surgery. That was impressive enough, but then I started noticing that my legs (which I previously referred to as strong little tree trunks) were looking leaner and longer—in my 50’s! And then there’s the improved posture which I thought was good before, and good posture improves nearly everything!

Where did you do your training?

A: Though you can become certified without attending live workshops, I have found them to be so helpful—to deepen the knowledge obtained through workbooks, DVD’s and teaching—I have repeated all 4 levels more than once. So far, I have attended these fabulous workshops in Estes Park, CO; Montreal, Canada; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Jamaica. I plan to continue as there is always more to learn!

Where do you currently teach?

A: Sundance Studio in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where I also offer some mentoring workshops for other instructors.

What role does music play in Essentrics? 

A: We are trained to choose the right music to encourage the correct movements; for example, classical music and soundtracks for the big, flowing movements of our Essentrics Trademark exercises while choosing current, upbeat music for strengthening, toning moves which are easier to do well with the right tempo. The variety of music within each class is important to keep students moving the entire time without a hint of boredom.

How often do you need to practice to see results?

A: Many students coming to class just once or twice weekly report significant improvements in their posture and strength, as well as a lessening of any chronic pain from old injuries. But for maximum results quickly, I suggest a total of 4-5 times/week—using 23-minute Classical Stretch episodes from PBS or online streaming to supplement live classes. And I actually look forward to that time each day when I get to rebalance my whole body to give me energy for all of my other activities!

What’s the most rewarding part of teaching?

A: The PC answer is seeing the amazing results in my students which I do love—but I will admit that at this age (I turn 58 during our Santa Fe Escape) I selfishly love teaching to insure I do this program as often and as well as possible since I love the results. At a time when many people are shrinking, I measure ½ inch taller than in previous years and have a spring in my step that is the envy of many younger people. 😉

We’re traveling to Santa Fe.. Yea! One of my all time favorites cities! What’s in store for your participants?

A: I just returned from a trip to Santa Fe and look forward to our Escape as a way for participants to embrace Nature’s beauty around us, while learning about simple ways to:

  • Look and feel younger; you should leave with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and the confidence that you continue with your good habits since you will the tools to make them forever yours.
  • Stay fit forever with Essentrics; we will chat about how any physical activity you enjoy can be improved with regular practice of this rebalancing, full-body program. There are many Olympic athletes who point to Essentrics as the ideal way to minimize injuries while staying strong and flexible. A local hike will give us a great opportunity to informally discuss this—and enjoy an Essentrics class in the great outdoors.
  • Make your own herbal tinctures, herbal cordials (a delicious way to add to your health!) and herbal infusions (the best and least expensive way to get a dozen or more important minerals back into your diet). We will be tasting samples of these, in addition to experiencing making these herbal remedies in a mini-workshop as part of our Escape. *see below  And you will receive your signed copy of Take Back Your Body, chock full of simple tips for using herbs and food as medicine when you return home.

Can anyone join in the fun or do you need to have previous Essentrics training?

A: Essentrics is beneficial for serious athletes as well as those concerned about the negative effects of aging. No Essentrics experience is necessary to participate; however, if you have been sedentary for an extended period and/or recovering from surgeries or injuries, you will want to check with your health practitioner first. Before the first class, you will have the opportunity to discuss any physical concerns with me.

“Essentrics is an intelligent workout that keeps my body strong, lean and balanced.” – Lily Cole, Actress

Since beginning Classical Stretch, I have lost 15 pounds. I noticed almost immediate changes in my waist and torso, it seemed to have shrunk after only 3 weeks. For the first time in ages I can wear fitted shirts and feel good! I also noticed changes in my face, neck, and thighs. The flowing movements and soft music disguise the fact that we are actually working hard! I love Classical Stretch and recommend it to everyone.” – Elizabeth Gagnon
As a chiropractor, my job is physically demanding. I toss around people who are sometimes three times my body weight! I started doing Miranda’s workouts ten years ago, and now I recommend them to ALL of my patients, even for those with joint problems. It is safe, easy, convenient, and complete . . . the total package!” – Dr. Beth Barnett Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

*these herbal remedies will contain a small amount of alcohol which can be burned off before sampling for those who prefer not ot ingest alcohol. Since the alcohol is grain-based, those with serious Celiac Spru should refrain. 

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