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Sardinia, Italy   


What to Expect:
When was the last time you stepped outside, into the sunlight, and inhaled a deep breath of salty sea air? When was the last time you walked over cobblestones, climbed ancient stairwells, and emerged above the world to set up your watercolors and easel? When was the last time you took a week just for you – for your creativity, for your art, for your pure and simple joy?
For those who love the open air, panoramic landscapes, the golden sun, and the turquoise oceans there is plein air painting. For those who love culture, history, and unforgettable cuisine, there is Sardinia.
It is here, in this spectacular setting, your instructor shares her incredible talent with us. From in-depth basics to detailed demonstrations, from practiced techniques to lessons in layout, composition, color mixing, value (light and dark), your instructor works closely with us – with you, one-on-one – to build your skills at your own pace.
For a week, you’ll dedicate your time, your energy and your creativity to building your skills, to creating new habits, and to immortalizing your memories with paint. Along the way, you’ll tour the crescent of Sardinia, filling your sketchbook with mementos, memories and drawings.
The Destination:
Varied landscapes molded by the sun, wind, sea and the passage of time… this is the Sardinia we know and love! An island and world unto itself, outside of Italy, apart from Europe and totally out of phase with time. It is here, on this enigmatic island, that you may stumble across a quasi- (or even full-on) belief in magic. It is here, on an island rooted in tradition, that the year begins on September 1 and the calendar thumbs its nose at our Roman designations. It is here, on a Mediterranean isle steeped in tradition, that life follows much the same pattern as it has for centuries: owing its livelihood to the sea and the fields, Sardinia is home to shepherds and fishermen, farmers and almost-magicians who coax crops to emerge from the island’s famously stony soil.
It is here, on this mysterious island, that prehistory scatters its puzzles across the landscapes: nuraghi, a UNESCO World Heritage site found only in Sardinia – ancient defensive structures that represent “the finest and most complete example of a remarkable form of prehistoric architecture.” It is here, on an island where culinary customs hang in for centuries, that pasta and wine, dolci and breads have their own, unique, and somehow distinctly not-Italian, all-Sardinian flavors. It is here, that Sards stash their sheep’s-milk cheese in barns and caves. It is here, that the world’s first Blue Zone – largely attributable to the Sardinian diet – was first identified.
And so, it is here, on Sardinia that we come to explore. That we come to learn. That we come to remember – to see the unadulterated world, both as it was centuries ago and as it can be today. It is here, on Sardinia, that we will seek that deeper connection – that link to the past and its peoples, to culture and its influence on art.
 Come with us. Discover an ancient link to your creativity, on an island not so much Old World as its Own World. Discover Sardinia with us.


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