cubaCuba: Anything But Ordinary

January 16-21, 2019


The Destination

Both provocative and traditional, both expectedly historic and surprisingly contemporary, Cuba is an island that tugs at the heartstrings. Sweeping over breezy sugar cane fields and cresting the tropical mountains of Baracoa, weaving in and out of UNESCO World Heritage sites and roaring through a history of revolution, Cuba blooms into a paradise of sandy beaches and pastel-hued colonial towns, vintage automobiles and salsa rhythms.

A land apart from time, this is a place where you can still drive an ancient Studebaker and hole up in a bar that Bogart would have loved. This contradictory nation is a place where you can sup at a fine-dining restaurant, or kick back and listen to Cuban son at a tiny street-side café. It’s the largest island in the Caribbean, and yet it’s a world totally apart. There is no doubt: There is only one Cuba.

Discover a country brimming with music, with culture, with art, with history. With passion, for every experience and every moment. Our mission: Explore the Cuba Hemingway loved – a Caribbean isle lost to time, enraptured by music, saturated with art, and cloistered from the world. It’s the perfect place to retreat from the everyday and explore our undiscovered creativity.

And where better, than in Havana, where there’s a lushness to the decay and old cigar factories, open-air markets and dancing in the streets. In this city that has juggled culture, history, Communism, and embargoes for more than a half-century. Come with us and experience this vibrant culture and its people. Explore, journey, enjoy, and revel in all that is Cuba.

How could you ever say no?

Your Accommodations

 For this wonderful journey we have hand selected one of Cuba’s beautiful casa particulares, a privately owned bed and breakfast which is owned and operated by a Cuban family.  Staying in a casa particular offers you the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the rhythms of everyday life and more importantly lend support to Cuban families. The casa’s we work with are carefully selected, centrally located, and comfortable with gracious hosts. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our choice of accommodations and restaurants, both of which support Cuban entrepreneurs. 

Your Days

We’ve designed an itinerary that will give you a deeper look into the soul of Havana.  Your days will be a wonderful blend of art, music, food, vintage cars and behind the scene experiences that will have you planning your return! You’ll even venture outside the city into the beautiful countryside of  Vinales Valley, home to Cuba’s finest tobacco farms; enjoy a delicious farm to table lunch, wander the fields of tobacco and have an opportunity to discover the secret behind the fine art of rolling a Cuban cigar. No visit to Cuba would be complete without spending time at a few of our favorite community art centers, you’ll meet with the directors responsible for these wonderful projects, chat with the artists that not only produce their own work but also lend their time and talents to the children of the neighborhood.  On this six day journey, we’ll show you the Cuba we know and love. 

Mobile Photography with Joan Clifford:

The experts tells us… The best camera in the world is the one that’s in your hand when that special moment happens. For many of us, that camera is the smartphone!  And why not..they allow us to travel light and fast and capture fleeting moments that we may miss when we reach for our cumbersome DSLR’s.

We’ve invited Joan Clifford, adjunct professor of digital photography and photojournalism, to travel with our group for those travelers wishing to enhance their knowledge about the features on their smart phones. Joan will be on hand sharing tips and techniques along with a host of creative apps to help you capture those awesome travel photo’s with your phone.  After spending time with Joan, your photo’s will be more than just another travel snapshot! 

Includes| 5 Nights Accommodations; 5 Breakfast, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners; Private Guided Excursions; Complimentary Sketchbook; Smartphone Photography Sessions with Joan Clifford; A full time schedule of People-to People Activities will be included each day; Assistance with travel documents for your Cuban adventure

Travel Information| Arrival Airport: Jose Marti International Airport Havana (HAV)|Departure Airport:Jose Marti International Airport Havana (HAV)

Day to Day Itinerary| Cuba: Anything But Ordinary

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