Paint Ireland with Watercolor Artist Angela Fehr

September 10-15, 2018

Our Muse:

I’ve been teaching online for nearly 4 years and have over 10,000 students enrolled in my online classes, with 46,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel, where I share watercolour tips and demonstrations. In early 2016 I was approached to teach a course with Craftsy.com which has enrolled an additional 4,600 students.

My online classes meet a need for practical, encouraging, clear demonstration of watercolour techniques. Though I’ve painted for over 20 years, I still consider myself a student of watercolour, just like my students, and we are all in the same boat of needing motivation, encouragement and community as we journey together. I have to date released 13 online watercolour courses, using the school platform Teachable.com and am often cited as one of their success stories; a small town girl who made a career out of sharing her knowledge while raising a young family. It is this approachability that has made my classes so welcomed by my students, and I am honest about my struggles to master new painting techniques and subjects, while fearlessly sharing what I have learned so far.  – Angela

My web site is: http://angelafehr.com

Online Classes at: http://learn.angelafehr.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/angelafehrarts

The Workshop:

What could be more of a dream come true for an artist than to paint the world? Join watercolor artist Angela Fehr for a destination workshop focused on growing your watercolor skills while exploring the scenery and villages of Ireland. This six day workshop combines sightseeing and painting, as we explore Ireland; taking in the beauty of the natural landscape and historic sites in half-day tours, sketching en plein air on occasion, then returning to the studio to paint our impressions of what we’ve experienced through loose, intuitive painting focused on personal expression and heartfelt emotion. 

Through demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials, Angela’s focus is not just in teaching technique, but in how to apply those techniques in good watercolor “decision making,” developing your personal style and unique voice in this beautiful medium, growing skill while enjoying every step of the journey.

The Destination: 

You may think you’re unfamiliar with Mayo County, Ireland, but you’re wrong.

If you’ve ever looked at a postcard of Ireland and sighed wistfully, you’ve been sighing about Mayo County. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a perfectly pastoral, sheep-studded Irish scene, you’re in love with Mayo County. If you’ve ever lusted after emerald countryside spilling over rocky cliffs and into a gray Irish sea, you’re hot for Mayo County. Mayo is a land of raw beauty and yesteryear charm, a place where haunting scenery transitions into cozy farm landscapes, and rugged coastline abuts whisper-soft fields of fine grass. A peaceful haven, at once lush and green, and yet studded with barren mountaintops and craggy cliffs.

Imagine standing here, your feet bare. Your toes dig into the fine, Irish grass. Warm sunbeams alight on your skin. The soundtrack is of birds and baaing sheep. All around, the scenery erupts in a rainbow of green – more hues, shades and gradients than you ever thought existed. The boundless blue sky puts cornflowers to shame. The crisp air is as fresh as your fondest memory. And yet, few tourists travel to this tiny Irish haven. No eyesores mar your view. This is rare, unadulterated Ireland.  This is why we’re here.

There is nothing in this world quite like raw nature to stir your soul. There is nothing quite like total silence to calm your inner tempest. There is nothing quite like a field, sprinkled with sunlight and dappled with history, to awaken the artist within. At Arts + Cultural Travel, we chose Mayo County not only for what it is, but for what it is not: No crowds. No extraneous noise. Nothing to distract.

This is a cultural, historic and creative wonderland of coastal cliffs and postcard-perfect countryside. Of landscapes that inspire awe. Of ruins dating back centuries. Of traditions that stir our collective memory. Mayo County. Deserted villages and holy mounts. Yew-lined greenways and scenic trail ways. Breathtaking cliffs and Neolithic fields. Deserted villages and ancient abbeys. Imposing castles and beloved legends. And, lest we forget, boisterous pubs and friendly villages. These are moments that bring you wonder. Scenes that give you goosebumps. Inspiration that fills your soul.  These are the thin spaces, the opportunities for awe. This is Mayo County.



“I am so excited I had to sent you a quick note to say thank you! I have been playing with watercolor for a little while and feeling like I was never going to paint anything I would be happy with. I just saw a short video you did on negative painting and a light bulb went on~ I get it! I now am painting with excitement and joy! Thank you so much! You are a wonderful teacher and so encouraging. I am so grateful for all you give us! “~Mary

“I am finding things that i love to sustain me through last days of illness. Your work has brought great joy. The fluidity and experience of being with paint and watching is so delightful. Picking up the brush and seeing what happens is such a delight and diverting the here and now. Thank you Angela, for your wonderful gift to me.” – MR

Group Size| 12 -14 Participants

Experience|While I teach beginners to intermediate painters, the ideal student should have a working knowledge of watercolour basic techniques and have been painting for at least a year. I always encourage students that their first step to prepare for a watercolour workshop with me is just to paint as often as possible in the weeks/months leading up to the workshop. This helps them formulate questions and areas of improvement that can be addressed during the course. Because one of our goals is to experience the beauty of Ireland, students should also be fit enough to be comfortable with moderate hiking as we view the countryside and beaches.” Angela

Includes| 5 Nights’ Accommodations, Hotel & Country Tax; Scheduled Airport Transfers Arrival/Departure Days of Workshop; Hearty Irish Breakfast Daily; Welcome + Farewell Dinners; Guide + Private Transportation; Private Guided Excursions; Complimentary Sketch Book; Art Instruction: Angela Fehr

Travel Information| Arrival & Departure Airport: Dublin International Airport (DUB) | Travel Time: Airport to Mount Falcon Estate, approximately 3 hours of traveling with stops along the way.  **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.      

Arriving Early or Departing Later|We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfers                                                        

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