Paint Santorini

with Artist Susan Nichter

Workshop Dates|August 9-15, 2017

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Our Muse:

Susan travels to Greece from her home in Boston, to share with us her passion and talent for plein-air painting. A former Fulbright scholar in Italy, Mac Dowell Colony Resident, and Mass Cultural Council LCC Grant-recipient, she received an MFA and BFA from Boston University. Today, Susan is a painter and professor at Suffolk University, The New England School of Art and Design, and at the Business School, where she teaches courses in Creativity and Innovation, as well as in Design Thinking. She has taught study-abroad programs in Prague, Rome and Milan, and teaches a summer landscape painting class in Martha’s Vineyard. Susan exhibits both nationally and internationally, in collections including The Harvard Company, Federal Reserve Building, Boston; Fidelity Investments, Suffolk Law School, Mackowski & Associates, and The De Cordova Lending Program, which has placed paintings at Harvard Business School and 60 State Street; Stride Rite Headquarters; The German Press Office at the Vatican, and many private collections, including that of Graham Nash.

What to Expect:

For artists who crave the open air, who love landscapes and sunsets, who draw inspiration from ancient architecture and historical sites, Greece is a destination that stirs the soul.

Santorini is a place of startling beauty and the wisdom of the millennia. It is a place where a single, timeworn cobblestone has seen more life, more color, more history than we could ever experience in a lifetime. It is a place that burrows into our hearts, demands attention, and brands us with memories and experiences to inspire (and require) new creativity.

If you have ever gotten lost in a sunset, or gazed in wonder at a church’s architecture, or marveled at a seemingly impossible juxtaposition, or pondered on the stories a castle could tell… If you have ever dreamed of swimming on a rooftop, or of painting under a golden sun, or of dipping your paintbrush into the Aegean…

If you see yourself in any of this, your artist’s heart pines for plein-air.  Susan Nichter shares her incredible talent with us, in the stunning setting of Santorini. We’ll surround ourselves with the most beautiful panoramas, the bluest sea, the whitest architecture, and the most breathtaking landscapes. And then, we’ll paint.

And while we do, we’ll leave our worries, and our responsibilities, and our everyday lives behind. For seven days, we’ll dedicate ourselves to exploration and self-discovery, to fine wine and delicious cuisine, to the lessons of history and the wisdom of the present. To the glorious plein air and our paints.

You’ll create memories, new skills, and better artistic habits. You’ll tour the crescent of Santorini and with every stroke of your paint brush, you’ll also create memories.

Our workshop is dedicated to plein-air painting and as-you-like-it guidance: instruction in light and shadow, composition, technique, color mixing and toning. In creating a work completely unique to this setting, this sight, and to you. This will be the most memorable, most personal souvenir you ever take home.

Come, explore with us. Have fun with us. Learn with us. And paint with us. Leave your cares behind, and step out into the plein air. It’s paradise out here.


Sun-splashed and white-washed Santorini is comprised of five islands: Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni. Shaped like a crescent, scenic Santorini is often called the precious gem of the Aegean – and for very good reason.

Perched above the Aegean and overlooking all of Fira, you feel on top of the world. A world that, somehow, has been bleached of all color but for white, slate, and every shade of blue: an azure Aegean and cerulean sky, sapphire church domes and turquoise pools.

We’re pretty sure this is what heaven looks like.

This idyllic setting in the southernmost part of Cyclades, is home to some of modern civilization’s oldest memories, now housed in meandering alleyways and cobblestone streets, terraced white houses and blue-domed churches, red-sand beaches and ancient volcanoes.

Here, the breeze always seems to carry in something special – not only of ripening olives and fermenting grapes, not just of fresh-ground hummus and briny sea. It’s the whispers of history that dance in Santorini’s gentle winds. It’s the echoes of the sunset and the call of church bells.

It’s inspiration. Because, if Santorini is anything, it is a blue-and-white, sweet-scented, rich-with-history, 360º panoramic utopia for artists. It is a place tailor-made for plein-air painting and pastel watercolors.

Welcome to Santorini, welcome to plein air, welcome to paradise. This is going to be a special trip.

A tiny paradise sits above,

Above the sights and sounds of Fira.

Overlooking a bleached white-and-blue panorama,

Where the salty Aegean drifts in on the breeze,

And the millennia whisper their secrets,


Santorini sings to an artist’s heart.


Here, where domes have stood for centuries,

Where volcanoes once erupted,

Where castles perch on hilltops,


Santorini is an inspiration for your senses.


Step out onto this rooftop.

Step out and drink in this view,

This sea, this sunset.  

Step into Santorini.

Group Size| 15 Participants

Experience| This workshop is tailored to all artists of all skill levels. While a basic knowledge of drawing and watercolor painting is helpful, all that’s required is a love of art, color and the great outdoors.

Includes| 6 Nights’ Accommodations at El Greco Resort or similar (Santorini), including Hotel & Country Tax; Airport Transfers Arrival/Departure Days of Workshop; Private Tour Escort; Regional Cooking Class; Private Guided Excursions; Wine Tour; Complimentary Sketch Book; Art Instruction: Susan Nichter

Travel Information| Arrival & Departure Airport: Santorini (Thira) International Airport (JTR) | Airport Transfers Day of Workshop Included | Travel Time: Airport to El Greco Resort, 10 minutes.   **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.        

Arriving Early or Departing Later| We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfers                                                        

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