Paper-Paintings Collage Workshop:

Akronafplia, Nafplio, Greece

With Artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire

Tour Dates: June 11-18, 2017

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Our Muse:

Elizabeth travels to Greece from her home in Central Florida, to share with us her exceptional talent in (and passion for) hand made paper and collage. Elizabeth’s education – a B.F.A. in Advertising Design from Syracuse University – prepared her for life as a creative double-agent: both graphic designer and fine artist, she walked the tightrope for years. She now considers herself lucky to pursue her art full-time, and today, Elizabeth’s only graphic design client is herself. Her forte is the paper arts, which she explores in her newest book, Painting with Paper, as well as in articles and multiple books to which she has contributed. Elizabeth’s art has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition (2014 and 2015) and The Artist’s Magazine All Media Competition (2010), and honored by the National Collage Society’s Signature Members Exhibition at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum.

What to Expect:

If you’ve ever been drawn in by a sudden texture, or charmed by a new shade of color, or enamored of an emotional collage, inspiration awaits in historic Greece. Over eight days and seven nights, we invite you to explore the annals of history and the beauty of unmatched panoramas – and the stories of both, expressed through art.

We invite you to explore the world of hand-painted papers, mixed media, and representational collage – the world of art, through the lens of Greek history. And oh, what a beautiful world it is! Through a variety of techniques you’ll learn to create a palette of beautiful hand-painted papers: splattering, stamping, printing, dry brushing & staining, creating papers uniquely yours. Elizabeth shares ways to use these beautiful papers to develop form using light, shadow, and directional ripping very similar to traditional painting techniques.

What you bring home will be more than a new collage or new techniques; from Greece, you will take away a new sense of the world and your place in it. You’ll take inspiration and excitement. You’ll take new techniques and fresh creativity. And you’ll take home new friends, new experiences, and a new enthusiasm for the treasures you can create with your own two hands.

Greece may be the cradle of modern civilization, but it’s also a beautiful land of ancient ruins, natural beauty and scenic coastline. It’s a place that inspires, a place where your creativity flows as freely as the stories of the past.

Talented artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire shares this experience with us. Together, we’ll travel to a place of spectacular beauty, where history spans not centuries but millennia. Together, we’ll throw ourselves into our art; we’ll explore internal motivations; we’ll delight in a combined creative-vacation experience. We’ll relax, luxuriate and explore, as we also learn, create and produce.

Escape with us. Put the everyday aside, and indulge in eight days just for you – you and your art, of course! Over the course of the workshop, Elizabeth will demo hand-painting paper techniques and collage. In between learning and creating, we’ll tour Nafplio and the surrounding area; we’ll let the splendor of our surrounds seep into our artistic souls, to infuse our creations with fresh thought and new inspiration.

Experiment with us. Experience with us. Be inspired. Step outside your comfort zone. See a new place and experience new things. Seize this opportunity, and see what creations await!


Nafplia Palace, your modern and luxurious home for the next eight days, offers breathtaking views that sweep down to Nafplio and out over the Bay of Argolis. From your room, the restaurant, the studio – anywhere! – you’ll breathe the scents of the Mediterranean, spot views of the Aegean, and bask in the vestiges of ancient history.

Designed by an award-winning architect to offer uncompromising luxury surrounded by history, the hotel offers a collection of beautiful rooms, villas and bungalows, some with private heated pools and outdoor Jacuzzis – a jewel of the Peloponnese, perched high on the Bronze Age Acropolis of Akronafplia.

The hotel offers three restaurants, pools side cafe, two bars and a host of facilities – including our studio, to which we’ll have access around the clock.


Settled onto spectacular coastline in the eastern Peloponnese, Nafplio is as scenic as it is historic. Indeed, this seaport town dates back centuries, serving the lordship of Argos and Nauplia during the Middle Ages, the de la Roche after the Fourth Crusade, the Republic of Venice and finally, the Ottoman Empire, before transitioning to being the first capital (1823-1834) of the newly-born Greek state.

Here, every corner, every stone, every building, every sign is steeped in history. At the Nafplia Palace, three UNESCO World Heritage sites sit on your very doorstep, and many treasures of Ancient Greece surround. Modern history was born here.

Climb the 999 steps to the Palamidi Fortress, a Venetian masterpiece of military architecture. View the Bourtzi from a boat. And just a short drive away, a labyrinth of vineyards and orange groves await beckon your palate.

What’s more, Nafplio is home to a funky, artistic vibe that provides as much creative inspiration as historical charm. Gelato joints dot the street. Italian restaurants pepper the city. And thick curtains of flowers bridge the streets. Without a doubt, it’s impossible not to draw inspiration from this eclectic seaport.


With its historical setting and modern touches, Nafplia Palace

offers a luxurious setting for our

creative journey into the world of mixed media collage.



Steeped in the history of modern civilization,

Flanked by the Aegean,

Perched above the Acropolis of Akronafplia,

And a tour’s throw from all of Greece,

This is a place suffused with inspiration.


Explore, discover, revel and rejoice,

In Greece, in history,

In creativity.  

In this,

Paper-Paintings Collage workshop

with Elizabeth St. Hilaire.

Group Size|  12-15 Participants

Experience| The ideal traveler is someone who is open, curious, willing to try new things, and looking for a fun creative adventure, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional artist. It is always fun to have a mix of skills and people who are passionate about various mediums for creating along with those who want to try their hand at something new.

Includes| 7  Nights Accommodations; All Meals; Private Cooking Lesson in Athens; Private Guided Excursions; Private In-Country Transfer’s; Creative Sessions with Elizabeth; Art Material Fees; Complimentary Art Journal

Travel Information| Arrival & Departure Airport: Athens International Airport (ATH) | Airport Shuttle Service Included in Package | Travel Time: Airport to Akronafplia, Nafplio, 2 hours.  **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.   

Arriving Early or Departing Later| We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfers      

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