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Chianti, Italy

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For artists, Italy speaks to the soul; it burrows deep, inspiring wonder and awe, infusing our spirits, nourishing creation and instilling within us indelible experiences we will carry forever.

If you have ever looked out upon a spectacular panorama, or gazed up at an architectural wonder, or stopped to appreciate the smooth surface of a timeworn cobblestone… If you have ever dreamed of stepping out into the late summer sunshine, to set up your easel and open your paints – to immortalize the sights you see, the emotions that wash over you, and the awe that fills you…
If you have ever felt that a photograph fell far short of the image in your mind, this is your workshop. This is time to learn the art of plein-air sketching and painting – of capturing what you see, feel and sense, as the breeze tickles your hair, as the sun warms your skin, as a gasp of wonder floods your being.

The glorious setting of the rolling hillsides of Chianti. We will be surrounding ourselves with Gothic buildings and medieval architecture, Renaissance remembrances and vineyards that have stood for millennia.

We will be leaving our everyday lives behind, and dedicating eight days to indulgence: exploring every nook that beckons to us, sampling every treat that tempts us, touring the far reaches of Chianti, Florence, Siena and their surrounds. To exploring some of the world’s greatest art and most beautiful architecture, and to listening to some Europe’s oldest most moving tales.

We will spend our days en plein air, sketching and painting. We will draw inspiration from the local architecture and landscapes, and along the way we will create an intimate and artistic travelogue of our experience in the Italian countryside. Immersed in the food and wine of the region and a warm community of chefs, artists and local peoples, this promises to be an authentic and enriching personal voyage. La vita è bella!
 Our workshop is dedicated to painting guidance with sketching and watercolors; instruction with composition, light & shadow, line & form, color & palette, and creative approaches to utilizing techniques. To creating a uniquely personal compilation of sketches and paintings that, towards the closing of the trip, will be combined in the most memorable souvenir you could ever take home.

Experiment with us. Learn with us. Sketch, paint and create with us. Step outside your comfort zone, and into the plein air. Challenge yourself to create like never before.

Accommodations & Location:

Secreted away in an 18th-century Etruscan village, in the heart of Italy’s famed Chianti region, the ancient dwellings of the village of Vèscine now comprise Il Borgo di Vèscine – your home for the next eight days. If only walls could talk, oh, the stories these timeworn stones could tell…  Beamed ceilings and warm tile floors, period furniture and climbing vines – this is what awaits at Il Borgo, a beautifully restored hotel that inhabits a former medieval village. Everything here has history; every corner exudes charm; every window opens onto a spectacular view.

And speaking of views, the rolling Chianti hills, heavily laden with the tangled webs of established grapevines. A beautiful swimming pool, tennis courts, and equestrian trails overlook these panoramas, while the hotel’s wine cellar resides beneath them, buried deep in the cool earth. The cherry on top of our period accommodations? The onsite restaurant, where Il Borgo’s incredible chef serves up typical “Chiantigiana” Tuscan cuisine. Meals are served by the fire or on the open-air terrace, which affords some of the hotel’s best views.

While we plan to paint outside while in Italy, at Il Borgo we also have access to dedicated studio space, so you can paint no matter the weather, no matter the hour.

Chianti Region… Here, the breeze always smells of something delicious – of fermenting wines in autumn and crackling wood in spring, of blooming flowers in summer and of brined olives in winter. Here, dense forests make way for ancient farmhouses, and timeless bell towers punctuate the walled cityscapes.

This is a region replete with Gothic churches and Renaissance architecture, centuries-old olive groves and castles that have stood for centuries. This is a place where provincial roads wend through scenic countryside, and where the same families have crafted wine for more than 1,000 years

Welcome to Chianti, an artist’s respite just a short drive to the must-visit sights in Siena and Florence.


Set high on a Tuscan hilltop,

Where architecture has stood for centuries,

Vineyards have survived for millennia,

And olive groves tell the stories of the ages,


Italy speaks to your artist’s soul.


Italy fuels new creation,

From old inspirations –

From walled cities and famous galleries,

From medieval homes and castle-top walkways.



Group Size| 10-15  Participants

Experience| The ideal participant is of an intermediate position in their artistic experience with basic knowledge of drawing and watercolor painting. A daily excursion of an en plein air practice encompasses drawing and painting guidance (composition, light & shadow, toning, techniques, color mixing, etc) and the unfolding of a uniquely personal compilation of sketches and notes that towards the closing of the trip will be combined in a travelogue booklet.

Includes| 7 Nights’ Accommodations at Il Borgo di Vèscine (Chianti);  Airport Transfers; Most Meals; Wine & Beverages with  included meals; Welcome & Departure Festivities; Private Regional Cooking Class; Private Guided Excursions; Winery Tour & Tasting; Complimentary Sketch Journal; Art Instruction 

Travel Information| Arrival & Departure Airport: Florence Airport / Aeroporto di Firenze-Peretola (FLR) | Airport Transfer Services Included in Package | Travel Time: Airport to Il Borgo di Vescine, 55 minutes.  **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.       

Arriving Early or Departing Later| We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfers                                                        

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