Storytelling with Collage: Vieux Quebec

With Artist Roxanne Evans Stout

Trip Dates: June 11-16, 2017


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Our Muse:

Roxanne Evans Stout travels to Old Quebec from her home in the Pacific Northwest, to share with us her talent and love of storytelling through collage. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Oregon Institute of Technology, where she teaches Mixed Media Art, and has been featured in various publications as a feature artist July/August issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Seth Apter’s The Pulse of Mixed Media, Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo, and Create Mixed Media’s Incite 2 & 3. Recently, Roxanne has published her first solo work, Storytelling with Collage, which is published by the amazing Northlight Books; upon release, the book topped Amazon’s New Releases chart. Additionally, Roxanne is contracted to work with Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, and will act as one of the magazine’s “Art Lesson” instructors in 2016. She is a renowned teacher, and has led workshops in both the United States and internationally. Roxanne’s website: Roxanneevansstout.com & blog  River Garden Studio.

What to Expect:

If the wandering path of a dusty sunbeam, chasing itself through an ancient windowsill, has ever caused you to stop and stare; if the cool surface of a timeworn cobblestone has ever inspired thoughts of centuries past; if the playful color contrast of a sunset on water, or a rainbow behind a waterfall, has ever sent you running for your paintbrushes, then in this workshop, you have found your creative soulmate.

Over seven days and six nights, we’ll travel to Vieux Québec with the talented Roxanne Evans Stout, a distinguished collage artist and creative storyteller. She’ll share with us new and exciting ways to capture inspiration from nature, people and our surroundings – new ways to immerse ourselves in the heart and soul of a new culture.

During your time in the studio, and with Roxanne as your guide, you’ll spend your days painting, stitching, attaching and learning to use a host of wonderful tools to create a beautiful collage that reflects your heart, your thoughts and your surrounds. In the process you will create a lovely keepsake as memorable as it is moving: a book of collage that communicates stories and emotions.

If spectacular textures and handmade papers, vibrant colors and non-traditional tools inspire you to create, welcome to the world of storytelling through collage. Dive into this world with Roxanne and your fellow students, and fall in love with the beauty of a sketchbook filled with handmade papers, 3D media, and memorabilia collected on your city sojourns.

What you’ll take home is more than just a book of memories; it’s a new appreciation for your own creativity, for the materials you can scavenge, and for what you can make with your own two hands. It’s new friends and a sense of artistic camaraderie. It’s new artistic habits and even newer techniques. You will take home a new lease on your creative life.

We’re traveling to historic Old Quebec to immerse ourselves in art – completely; in a way we rarely can amidst our everyday, hectic lives. Set aside your devices, forget your responsibilities, and throw yourself into this combined vacation-creation experience. Allow your artist’s soul a bit of pampering.

For this workshop, Roxanne will teach and inspire us to tell stories through collage. In between demos and techniques, we’ll take to the city and explore. We’ll let the splendor of Vieux Québec wash over us, and seep into our spirits, to later trickle out through our brushstrokes, scissor snips, and paper-folding.

Come and discover with us. Discover the wonder of a new subject matter. Discover the beauty of this old-yet-new city. Seize new opportunities, and see what creations await!


Your luxury home-away-from-home in Vieux Québec, the Hotel Clarendon is a historic bastion in the city center. Chosen as much for its location as for its sophistication, the Clarendon is just minutes on foot from some of the city’s most inspiring sights: Le Chateau Frontenac (2 minutes), the Fort Museum, and La Citadelle de Québec (12 minutes), among them.

Step through these front doors, and you’ll enter a world of ancient beams and stately antiques, wrought iron detailing and smooth marble flooring. The Hotel Clarendon is a visual treat of rich detailing – an ideal choice for any artist whose muse delights in beautiful surrounds.

If your inspiration also thrives on luxury and pampering, the Hotel Clarendon again delivers: Offering fine dining, delicious cocktails, an elegant jazz bar, and a spa just next door, this is a place to indulge, if only for a few hours.

Best of all, for the duration of our workshop, we’ll have 24/7 studio access. So even if your muse is a night owl, you’ll get the most out of this inspirational hotel.


Step back in time and onto narrow cobblestone streets lined with 17th and 18th century homes. Travel to a city of historic charm and unparalleled beauty, where crumbling châteaux are as commonplace as modern cafés. Explore fortified ramparts and a bustling harbor, colonial memories and cliff top fortresses.

Step into Vieux Québec, a New World city with Old World heart: one of the oldest European settlements in North America and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Divided into an Upper and Lower Town, this historic city is home to a host of inspiring sights, sounds, flavors and textures. Follow your own two feet through the cliff top Upper Town, where the Château Frontenac, Citadel and old ramparts remember a time when the city required defense; then, head down to the Lower Town and its harbor front urban center.

Here, you’ll draw inspiration from beautiful gardens, old world architecture, and bustling sidewalk cafés, as you stroll along the Rue St. Jean – or any of the city’s other beautiful streets. You’ll feel as if you’re exploring an old European city, filled with antique stores and art galleries, colorful markets and cozy bookshops. When you require an infusion of natural inspiration, just follow the St. Lawrence River, on foot or by bike, along a path that stretches more than 30 miles.

At the intersection of old and new,

where modern cafés spill onto crumbling cobblestones,

and where ancient citadels overlook bustling harbors,

wonder also meets creativity.


In a historical setting of luxurious proportions,

talented collage artist Roxanne Evans Stout

leverages the beauty of color and paper,

souvenirs and scissors,

in a master class that paints stories

with the brushstrokes of memory.


Join us in a New World city

with Old World heart,

in an architectural and historic wonderland,

in this esteemed UNESCO World Heritage City.

Group Size|  10-12 Participants

Experience| The ideal traveler is someone who is open, curious, willing to try new things, and looking for a fun creative adventure, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional artist. It is always fun to have a mix of skills and people who are passionate about various mediums for creating along with those who want to try their hand at something new.

Includes| 5 Nights Accommodations; Breakfast Daily;  Mixology & Cooking Lesson:Ateliers et Saveurs; Private Guided Excursions; Isle d’Orleans; Private Winery Tour with Lunch; Montmorency Falls; Private Local Transfer’s; Creative Sessions; Complimentary Art Journal

Travel Information| Arrival Airport & Departure Airport:Quebec City: Jean Lesage International (YBQ) Travel Time: 25 minutes to hotel|Airport Shuttle Service Information: Contact our office for details.  **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.       

Arriving Early or Departing Later| We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfer options                                                   


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