Talismans: A Jewelry Workshop in Antigua, Guatemala


Susan Lenart Kazmer

October 21-29, 2018

Our Muse:

Susan, a silversmith and artist of 20 years, is a lifelong explorer, both of the world and of life. Through her work and through the lens of mixed media – silver, glass, metal, resin, fiber and wood – she strives to tell stories of places, of experiences and of real people, living real lives. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry is crafted on the principles of Expressive Adornment: talismans, amulets, prayer boxes and gypsy magic – expressive and deeply emotional art that seeks meaning and inspires people to take leaps and embrace challenges.

Susan is an internationally-recognized mixed-media jewelry artist and silversmith; her work has been included in collections from Henry Bendell, Banana Republic, and Nordstrom, as well as various national galleries and museum exhibits; it has also graced magazines including Elle, Ornament, Bead Design, and Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Susan has authored several books, including Resin Alchemy, which made the Amazon bestseller list. She is also an experienced and sought-after teacher, and has led dozens of workshops and creative experiences to explore beadwork, mosaic art, and mixed media, but also to discover (and uncover) the artistic soul.

The Workshop:

Have you ever caught sight of something that took your breath away? A piece of jewelry that spoke to your soul? Who made it? Where is it from? What story does it tell? And, could you ever make something so meaningful?

The answer is yes. A resounding, yes. Talented artist Susan Lenart Kazmer joins us in Antigua, Guatemala for just this: to create a special talisman immersed in sacred experience and personal significance, refined technique and historic meaning. To practice mindfulness in the pursuit and creation of your art.

Our Talisman workshop is a creative journey set to the spectacular backdrop of an ancient city, one of the world’s most artistic and historic. We’ll learn from innovative techniques and mixed-media mastery – resin and metal, wire and fiber, glass and organic materials. We’ll work with a local jade jeweler, to carve a piece of jade close to your soul. A true talisman that you’ll incorporate into your final piece – a meaningful and deeply personal souvenir to take with you.

We’re leaving our everyday at home and exchanging responsibilities for the diverse beauty of Guatemala. We’re leaving our creative blocks and artistic ruts behind and embracing new techniques and even newer friends. We’re here to learn, to see, to experience, and to create – to absorb the new in a land of old. We’ll draw inspiration from all these sights, places and people. From today, yesterday, and centuries past. We’ll soak it all up. We’ll wrap ourselves in creativity.  We’ll fashion talismans that speak to our souls and reflect our life experiences.

Come, learn with us. Adventures with us. Explore and create. Experience something new in a place older than memory. Carve, make and seek your artist’s soul. Challenge yourself to Antigua.

The Destination: 

Part colonial capital, part living museum, Antigua is a jewel in Guatemala’s cultural crown. Pastel urban landscapes unroll in the shadow of three volcanoes, to reveal a warren of cobblestone streets and centuries-old ruins, ancient metal work and tumbledown charm. Here, millennia of memory and tradition permeate everyday life: it’s the cobblestone street, pastel colored facades of the tree lined streets and the baritone clang of church bells that have been rung – and mended – for centuries. It’s the vibrantly hued woven textiles and handcrafted woods that decorate the city’s markets.

And it’s the certainly the glowing green jade, which adorns not just museum exhibits, but the Antiguans themselves: hand-carved jade, long prized by Mesoamerican culture and today loved the world around. If this historic city were to claim just one symbol as its own, it would be this: lovingly sourced and expertly carved jade, or jadeite.

Indeed, this is why we’ve come: to learn from the world’s foremost jade artisans, whose time-tested art send echoes resonating back through generations of their ancestors and their ancestor’s ancestors. But while we’re here, we’ll also sample the other tastes, sights and sounds Antigua has to offer: colorful market visits and mouthwatering chocolate-making, Guatemalan cooking lessons and enlightening sightseeing.


In the shadows cast by

towering volcanoes and tumbledown ruins,

Spanish Colonial architecture and bustling markets.


Antigua welcomes us.

Guatemala invites us.



Find your soul.

Embrace your art.

Seek your talisman.


Group Size| 10-12 

Experience|  Participants can expect to delve deep into their own well of creativity to learn the process and techniques in metal working but also to create their own personal expression to produce their own work. Each piece with its own unique voice.  Susan teaches very strong techniques but always allow the personal creative process to shine through. Participants can expect to walk away with at least one finished product and a well full of ideas to bring back to their studio. Expect to be inspired. You’ll learn  soldering, cold joins, resin casting and combining sticks, stones or other personal objects into jewelry. Basic jewelry skills are a plus – call us for details.

Includes| 8 Nights Accommodations-Antigua; Private Transfers; Full Time Tour Escort; Welcome & Farewell Dinner; Breakfast Daily; Complimentary Sketchbook; Creative Sessions with Susan Lenart Kazmer; Private Guided Excursions: Salsa Lessons, Regional Cooking Class,  Maya Chocolate Cooking Lessons, Jade Carving, Wandering the colorful markets in Antigua and more!

Travel Information| Arrival Airport: Guatemala City, (GUA) |Departure Airport: Guatemala City (GUA)  | Travel Time Airport/Hotel: Round Trip Private Transfers Included | Travel Time: 45 minute **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.

Arriving Early or Departing Later| We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfers

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