Wandering with India Flint: New Mexico

 October 1 – 11, 2017


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India Flint:

India will be traveling to New Mexico from her farm in the deep south of Australia to share her wandering spirit and creative gifts with us. She is best known for developing the highly distinctive eco-print, an ecologically sustainable plant-based printing process that gives brilliant color to cloth. She completed her MA in 2001, researching eucalyptus dyes for textiles, with 20 plus years working with plant dyes, her textile practice embraces art, theatre, science, and fashion. Eco Colour, Second Skin, the Bundle Book, Stuff Steep + Store, and on wandering wind are a few of her beautiful works of publication. Represented in both private and museum collections in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia, she has undertaken costume commissions for Leigh Warren & Dancers as well as the West Australian Ballet. Using dyes of the leaves, roots,and flowers to color cloth, yarn and paper, she continues her journey into botanical alchemy.

Quotes from our Muse:

My work conflates the visual and written poetics of place and memory, using ecologically sustainable contact print processes from plants and found objects together with walking, drawing, assemblage, mending, stitch and text as a means of mapping country, recoding and recording responses to landscape – working with cloth, paper, stone, windfall biological material, water, minerals, bones, the discarded artifacts and hard detritus of human habitation, the local weed burden. the work has been described as using ‘the earth as the printing plate and time as the press'”

“i negotiate a path between installation, printing, painting, drawing, writing and sculpture – immersing myself in and paying deep attention to the environment, gathering thought and experience, imagery and marks, as well as harvesting materials for making; trying to step lightly on the land while being nourished by it. the work of each day, philosophically rooted in topophilia [the love of place] literally begins with a walk”.

The Workshop: 

We think that the best way to express what you will be learning and experiencing on your journey throughout New Mexico is to share with you a few of the questions we asked India before crafting our workshop for her.

Each journey is different :: last year we wandered O’Keeffe country at the very end of winter …. this year we will be there when the aspens and cotton trees are in full leaf. I’m dreaming of traveling lightly in New Mexico, twining silk string as we go, creating an exquisitely stitched and dyed cloth-based talisman to which we can add beads, milagros and the other tiny treasures that we find along the way. We will make small and precious bags, dye a journeycloth, stitch a trail between horizons. 

We will paint in our journals with ink and with coloured earth, collectively catch the poems that drift by in the warm wind, draw on the revivifying purity of the land. In the evenings at Ghost Ranch we shall gather around the fire pit, to cook our cauldron under the jewelbright stars. The new moon sets early so the night skies should be particularly brilliant. We will visit the Taos pueblo, wander in Santa Fe and celebrate our journey with a delicious sunset feast, cooked for you while you create an exhibition of the pieces made during our travels. 

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, can work deep magic, get under your skin, restore your inner strength and enrich your spirit. All you have to do is ‘be (t)here’. 


 As George Bernard Shaw famously said:

“we don’t cease to play because we grow old…we grow old because we cease to play”

What will I bring home with me? 

“Essentially you will bring home a way of seeing, thinking, observing and being present; along with your journal and cloth. It’s about the journey as much as the destination  (which for me translates to the richness of process being as important as the product)”

Scotland class particpant Kit Tyrell:

“This course was exceptional, mainly because it really was a Master Class. We had a Master who gave unstintingly of her knowledge and experience, in an environment equipped to provide everything that was needed. The unexpected extra that enriched the experience was being with the group of women who came together. By our creative nature we are inclined to inner focus, and many of us work alone, or in isolation, and quite happily. So coming together with a number of women, from diverse backgrounds and experience, and gradually forming bonds of common understanding over 4 days, gave rewards far greater than I could have envisaged. The depths of experience, knowledge and strength in that group was astounding. It was a privilege to participate.”

The Journey:  

Abiquiu – Taos – Santa Fe

We set a sense of place for our journey through New Mexico with four nights at Casa del Sol/Ghost Ranch, the secluded retreat house overlooking the majestic Cerro Pedernal, one of O’Keefe’s most favored subjects to paint.  Wrapped in light, stunning landscapes and serenity, here we will begin our creative journey…. wandering, gathering, reflecting, wrapping and dyeing. With the air so fragrant with pinon, a sky so blue, and the towering rock walls of the painted desert, its sure to cast its spell. On day five we travel through the colorful tapestry of landscapes across the chasm of the Rio Grande into Taos, our home & creative space for the next four nights. The El Monte Sagrado is surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo mountains, rustic high desert, and towering cottonwoods yet within walking distance to the heart of Taos, a place of rich cultural texture, old abode structures, and a surprising collection of galleries and museums. The last leg of our journey brings us to The Inn & Spa Loretto in Santa Fe, an exuberant city with more than 200 world-class galleries, beautiful museums, upscale boutiques and exceptional restaurants.  Our creative space offers a stunning view of the city from each of its five terraces, perfect for celebrating our time spent together before we bid our farewells. 

What’s Included: 

  • 4 Nights Casa del Sol/Private Residence at Ghost Ranch – Abiquiu
  • 4 Nights El Monte Sagrado -Taos
  • 2 Nights Inn & Spa Loretto – Santa Fe
  • 11 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 5 Dinners
  • Private Transportation during tour
  • Private Tour Georgia O’Keefe’s Home & Studio
  • Exclusive Tour Taos Pueblo with the Director of The Taos Pueblo of Tourism
  • Art of Perfume Making Workshop: Aroma Botanica Institute 
  • Master Class with India Flint 
  • Complimentary Japanese Moleskine Journal
  • Complimentary “The Bundle Book” by India Flint

Group Size| 13 Participants

Experience|The ideal traveler is someone who is open, curious, and looking for a fun creative adventure, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional artist. It is always fun to have a mix of skills and people who are passionate about various mediums for creating along with those who want to try their hand at something new.           

Travel Information| Arrival Airport: Albuquerque  International Airport (ABQ) | Departure Airport: Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ) | Airport Shuttle Services to Santa Fe: Listed on ABQ Website| Private Shuttle Services Day 1 of workshop  2:00 PM at The Inn & Spa Loretto, Santa Fe to your accommodations at Casa del Sol/Ghost Ranch   **Please note we will notify you by email when it’s time to book your international flights.       

Arriving Early or Departing Later| We would be happy to assist you with hotels and transfers                                              


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