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5 Yoga Movies To Inspire

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If your yoga practice has been feeling a little flat lately – a repetitive following of the motions – you could probably do with a bit of inspiration. And we’re not talking the kind of inspiration that involves new yoga gear or a different instructor; we’re talking inspiration that bubbles up from within, fueling your inner harmony and reinvigorating your yoga practice. 


The following movies are five of our favorites, taking you on a journey full of laughter, self-exploration, spiritual awakening, and even recognition of the skepticism in all of us. See your practice – and yourself – from a different perspective, and come out feeling thoroughly enthused and ready to take your yoga to new heights.

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Play, Play, Play

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Everyone is born creative. However, for many of us – whether it is from a fear of failure or from past criticisms – our innate creativity goes dormant.

The good news? It’s easy to wake up and get it going again! Learning some practical techniques to stimulate your creativity and imagination is the perfect jumpstart.

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