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Interview: Mixed Media Artist Shelley Rhodes

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What a great opportunity to be wandering and creating with Mixed Media Artist Shelley Rhodes.  Shelley speaks our language! I’m sure it’s going to be difficult to choose between these two workshop destinations with Shelley….  the wild, rugged coastline of Ireland or the magical island of Sardinia in Italy.  Here’s a little inspiration from Shelley to help you decide.

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Creative Spirit Journey: An Interview with Brecia Kralovic-Logan

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Artist… Author… Coach… Muse… Teacher… Explorer…. Meet Brecia Kralovic-Logan, part of our community of artists. 

At Arts and Cultural Travel we seek out the most innovative and passionate leaders in the art world to lead our retreats. We fell in love not only with Brecia’s breathtaking and intricate art, but also with her ideals and dedication to sharing her craft with others. Her multi-sensory art begs for discovery across the elements and the senses. It seems fitting that her upcoming Guatemala retreat is named “Creative Spirit Journey.” 

We were lucky enough to get Brecia to answer some questions for us about our favorite things… Art, culture, and travel! Enjoy and be inspired… 

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5 Movies to Inspire Creativity & Fuel Your Art

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You’ve seen the classic imagery: devil on one shoulder, angel on the other. The angel is dressed in white, wrapped in a glowing halo of tranquility; the devil is red, sometimes angry and always talkative, encouraging the listener to do bad, bad things.
In the arts world, we call the angel a muse. And oh, how we love the idea of a muse. But the devil? He doesn’t get much play in creative circles, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. The devil is creative block – an artistic deadlock that drags us down, robs us of our creativity, and then makes us think we don’t care. That devil dude is dangerous, and he plagues all artists at one time or another.
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There are lots of ways to knock the anti-creativity devil off your shoulder, but one of our favorites is good, old-fashioned artistic inspiration. The following five films are striking, visual journeys – and they’re all about art, about creation, about the things we love. And they’ll invite your muse back, guaranteed.


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