And yes… this too shall pass. Sadly, our industry, like many others has taken a hard hit. We have been monitoring the situation on a daily basis and having to make some tough decisions about our scheduled programs.  The good news is that our calendar for 2021 will be amazing!  
As we ride out the storm together, we have a few ideas we’d like to share with you to help cure your wanderlust fever and salvage your creative mojo! 
And before you know it, we’ll be lacing up our traveling shoes! 

The next best thing to the real deal is a good read!  Below are a  few of our current favorites.  Let us know what’s on list.


artsandculturaltravel_art workshops_culinary adventures      Journey by train with Paul Theroux’s with The Last Train to Zona Verde, as he returns to discover how both he and Africa have changed in the ensuing years. Always fascinating to ponder who travel transforms us.


      Inspired by the question, “What would be the perfect meal?,” Anthony Bourdain sets out on a quest for his culinary holy grail, and in the process turns the notion of “perfection” inside out.


art holidays_cultural tours_culinary adventures        Free-spirited explorer and novelist Sanmao draws you into her world in Stories of the Sahara, casting off societal conventions to go on a ground-breaking adventure across the world’s largest hot desert.


art workshops_culinary tours_cultural adventures       Living in Paris changed these writers forever. In thirty-two personal essays, the writers describe how they were seduced by Paris.  They came to write, to cook, to find love, to study, to raise children, to escape, or to live the way it’s done in French movies.  And they stayed, not as tourists, but for a long time; some are still living there.


art workshops_art holiday_ creative retreat_art retreat

To help keep the creative fires going in the months ahead we’ll be sharing tips, techniques, online workshop information along with delish recipes from our culinary friends in series of newsletters.   Join the fun.. it’s just a click away over on the pop up on the right side of your screen!



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