As creatives, foodies, and wellness-seekers, we’ve learned to look at travel differently – to explore the world through the lens of art and culture, tastes, and textures, melodies and harmonies.  We know that, invariably, some moments of every journey will grip our hearts, our minds and our senses, never to let go.

It’s all of those other moments we journal about . 

It’s the doodle we sketch while sitting at a cafe, the birdsong we record while swinging in a hammock, or the memory we jot down of an oceanside yoga session. It’s anything special you experience, any memorabilia you gather – all the things that keep you present in the travel moment. And that help you remember that moment, always.

At the beginning of every tour, we gift each traveler with a beautiful journal. Use it as your heart desires – as a vehicle of expression, as a travel diary, or simply as a place to store your souvenirs.  With a bit creativity, a simply bound journal becomes a custom keepsake of an incredible experience. 


We’ll provide the journal, the experience, and you create the memory!